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Delivering VoLTE Calls — Getting it Right the First Time

The star of the show may be the delivery of data services—but the cash cow for operators continues to be the delivery of high-quality voice services. Safe, secure revenue you can count on. Because of this, there’s little or no wiggle-room for error where quality issues are concerned and voice calls must be delivered trouble-free—that’s the mobile customer’s expectation. No dropped calls, no echo— no problems. They won’t settle for less, and why should they when it’s so easy for customers to switch to other carriers and take their budget for wireless services with them. Carriers must meet that same expectation levels for the quality of experience of voice calls delivered over traditional networks, and apply it to the delivery of voice over LTE (VoLTE) calls.

When operators decide to make the switch and deliver voice over VoLTE, they have to make it a seamless experience for their customers. And VoLTE calls are being dialed more than you might think. Although initial estimates about VoLTE deployment had it pegged at a slower pace, according to Infonetics Research, VoLTE subscribers are now expected to top 260 million worldwide by 2017.¹ Digest that together with the fact that the market for traditional delivery of mobile voice services overall is still $500 billion worldwide² and it becomes clear that the successful deployment of VoLTE services is crucial - even critical - for operators worldwide. Getting it right the first time, and making sure excellent call quality is consistent, is a must in today’s highly competitive wireless services market.

This shift adds another layer of complexity to managing your network in the short-term, but also provides a great new opportunity to add voice services to those already delivered over 4G. Watch this webinar to learn – in practical terms - how to manage and analyze the overall QoS of voice calls delivered over VoLTE networks and generate clear, concise statistical reports based on those results.

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