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What’s the Key to Agility in a NEM Environment?

Today’s network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) are facing increasing pressure to ramp up their production lines and launch high-quality products and fast and efficiently as possible for their customers. However, acquiring the right equipment to fulfill customer contracts can mean unacceptably long lead times and increased costs that can negatively impact already tight budgets.

This means NEMs need to adapt their existing production lines and work with the instruments they already have for their testing needs.

Enter EXFO’s new agile NEMs infrastructure solutions. Combined with the LTB-8 Rackmount Platform and through EXFO’s Multilink, available power meters, variable attenuators and switches can now be remotely located, controlled and shared between testing stations for optimized testing sequences. What’s more, modules can be used for other tests—without compromising tests that are currently running.

This type streamlined testing workflow, using existing resources, is the key for NEMs to not only boost their productivity and agility but also accelerate their time to market while keeping their CAPEX in check.