Optical Wave Expert - DWDM Channel Checker and OTDR

Now available in MaxTester and FTBx format. A handheld tester combining DWDM channel power validation with OTDR capabilities on a single port.

The first integrated solution for DWDM troubleshooting

The Optical Wave Expert is an easy-to-use and compact handheld tester that eliminates the need for multiple instruments. With integrated channel checker and OTDR capabilities on a single port, troubleshooting DWDM is now a seamless, automated process.

Características principales

DWDM channel checker & OTDR capabilities integrated on a single port (patent-pending)
Intelligent channel power level diagnostics (iOCC)
Compact and portable form factor
iOLM-ready: one-touch multiple acquisitions, with clear MUX/ DEMUX characterization
Bar graph and table view on wide touchscreen display
In-channel and out-of-band testing of active networks
Intuitive GUI and workflow


DWDM link characterization through MUX, DEMUX and OADM
DWDM link troubleshooting (DAA, RPHY or C-RAN)
DWDM metro Ethernet links
Deployment of commercial services
P2MP access networks


The Optical Wave Expert integrates channel power validation and reflectometry characterization on a single port. This means that technicians can automatically identify faulty channels and follow through with fault location by leveraging intelligent OTDR capabilities.

The smart toggle to the OTDR mode is done automatically, without having to set any parameters. Technicians can now obtain instant channel power readings through an intuitive GUI and seamlessly benefit from tunable OTDR capabilities. The field-proven MaxTester platform provides a rugged and compact form factor that is purpose-built around practicality and efficiency.

The integration of channel checker and OTDR capabilities on a single port means less unnecessary manipulation of the optical fiber and improved field efficiency. This translates into faster mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and makes the trial and error approach–which can disable nodes–obsolete.

Test DWDM seamlessly: Channel checker and OTDR

The intuitive graphical interface provides real-time channel power readings. If an issue is detected, the tunable OTDR capabilities automatically kick in to find faults. Results and diagnostics are clearly displayed on a wide touchscreen.

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