FTBx-2850 - µITLA tunable light source

Continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow linewidth and high-resolution tunability for coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.

Características principales

Up to 32 lasers in one LTB-8 platform
Narrow linewidth of less than 100 kHz
1 pm tuning resolution
Up to 15 dBm of output power
Remote PC control via VXI-11 (Ethernet)


The FTBx-2850 is a modular, continuous wave (CW), tunable laser with a high-power output, narrow 100 kHz linewidth and 1 pm resolution tunability over the C or L bands. This laser is a cost-effective and versatile solution for various applications including coherent/OFDM transmission and WDM network emulation.

The LTB-8 rackmount platform can host FTBx-2850 modules and operate them using a dedicated software. Other FTBx modules from EXFO’s optical family of products (e.g., FTBx-3500 variable attenuator, FTBx-1750 high-performance power meter) are handled using ToolBox software.

Up to eight FTBx-2850 modules can be inserted into an LTB-8 platform, for a total of 32 lasers. Multiple LTB-8 platforms can be cascaded and individually controlled.

Easy-to-use software

The FTBx-2850 light sources are locally controlled using software. Using the software application, operators can easily control multiple lasers and its graphical interface allows for fast and easy access to the system status and control of lasers.

Users can control each laser individually or control multiple lasers to create tilt over a wavelength range and automatically spread the lasers over the entire C band (for example).