FTB OnDemand - Time-based software licenses

Activate a wide range of testing functionalities for a specific period of time to match your exact needs.

Time-based software licenses

FTB OnDemand orchestrates the instantiation of licenses enabling customers to activate a wide range of testing functionalities—such as 100G testing—for a specific period time to match their exact testing requirements. This flexibility is perfect for situations where a test function is only needed for a specific project or for a new service that is still in the early ramp-up stage. FTB OnDemand is part of EXFO TFv, the industry's first suite of defined offerings that focuses on test function virtualization.

Unique, flexible software architecture

Thanks to EXFO’s leadership in cloud-based test solutions, our solution features a unique and flexible software architecture that is easily compatible with a number of EXFO's best-in-class test modules including:

  • FTB-88100NGE
  • FTBx-88200NGE
  • FTB-5240S-P/BP
  • NetBlazer V2 Series

CAPEX- and OPEX-conscious solution

FTB OnDemand delivers the flexibility to perform a specific test, on a specific module for a specific period of time. This solution allows for barrier-free entry, reduced costs, increased business productivity and greater flexibility, not to mention maximum scalability and efficiency when it comes to network testing and service turn-up.

Características principales

Time-based software licenses
Cost conscious solution
Flexible and broad selection of software licenses
Easy, made simple license activation