OSICS T100 - External cavity tunable laser module

Stepped external-cavity tunable laser modules that cover all telecom wavelengths

Características principales

External-cavity design
Spectral coverage from 1260 nm to 1680 nm
> 100 nm step-by-step tunability
6+ dBm output power
Ultra-low SSE noise: 90 dB/0.1 nm
Narrow linewidth
Digital modulation up to 1 MHz
Easy front-panel or remote control


Telecom system and component testing
Material characterization
Scientific research and development


The OSICS T100 is a stepped external-cavity tunable laser module that features a patented T100 cavity. EXFO’s cost-effective module combines a narrow linewidth, high output power and ultra-low optical noise and significantly increases the dynamic range of measurements. Each T100 module can be tuned anywhere across a 100 nm range.

Complete telecom spectrum coverage

The OSICS T100 cover the entire telecom band. Plus, you can enjoy automated testing from 1260 nm to 1680 nm. In addition, each T100 laser wavelength can be tuned with a ±200 pm accuracy and ±10 pm step resolution (or 1 pm with the high-resolution R option).

Ultra-low optical noise

The module’s unique T100 cavity eliminates broadband spontaneous emission (SSE) normally present in an external-cavity laser’s output, while maintaining a high output power. The OSICS T100 has one of the lowest figures of merit for SSE of any tunable laser on the market and dramatically improves measurement dynamic range during component testing.

Modular flexibility

The OSICS platform’s modular design gives you the freedom to purchase as you go, upgrading your equipment to cover different wavelengths according to your needs while staggering capital expenditure.

OSICS full-band laser 

A single-fiber output tunable laser is obtained with an OSICS mainframe fitted with four lasers (T100 1310, T100 1415, T100 1520 and T100 1620) and a switch module (SWT).