MaxTester 610 - Conjunto de pruebas de cobre

Verificación más inteligente de pares de cobre y localización de fallos durante la instalación, así como la reparación de circuitos DSL y de voz.

Características principales

Aligns with existing methods and procedures; perform single-ended testing or testing with a far-end device (FED) to minimize repair time and costs
Full suite of digital multimeter measurements to quickly and effectively determine the electrical health of the network
Optional TDR and RFL/K-test allow service providers to scale the product based on existing or new methods and procedures
SmartR™ features allow users to quickly and accurately determine physical copper circuit quality and locate faults, in addition to performing high-voltage balance testing on inactive pairs
Designed to face the challenges of the outside plant environment with an IEC IP54 rating
Configurable pass/fail results for automated closeout testing; upload the results to the cloud with ease


The perfect tool for copper I&R testing

The MaxTester 610 (MAX-610) is designed for the installation and repair (I&R) of voice and DSL circuits. Its small form factor, rugged design and easy-to-use menus make it the ideal tool for outside-plant I&R technicians. With the MAX-610, the testing process is highly automated, enabling technicians to close their jobs quickly and efficiently.

Work smarter not harder

The MAX-610 allows technicians and engineers alike to work smarter—not harder. SmartR is a suite of intelligent and automated tests that enable any technician to quickly and easily gain an understanding of the condition of the line under test, as well as to identify and locate a variety of common circuit faults.

SmartR comes with several interesting features:

The Pair Detective feature automatically runs the most common line tests and provides graphical, color-coded results and pass/fail indications to detect conditions, including shorts, grounds, opens, battery, splits and imbalances.

FaultMapper utilizes time-domain reflectometry (TDR) technology to provide the additional capability of identifying the location of the service affecting line faults, including bridged taps, shorts, grounds and opens. EXFO’s unique SmartR presents results in an easy-to-understand, graphical format, making copper troubleshooting easier than ever before.