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FTTH Webinar Series - Troubleshooting


Alfonso Domesi

EMEA Business Development Manager

Alfonso Domesi started his career in the telecommunications market in 1991 as a hardware and software development engineer. Over the years, he has tracked the evolution of transmission technologies, from the voice frequency analog modem to the current G.fast and optical fibers interfaces. He currently holds the position of EMEA Business Development Manager, with a dedicated focus on assessing new markets and technologies for EXFO’s Physical Layer product portfolio.

After the basics of the FTTH rollout in Part 1 have been discussed and demonstrated, in Part 2 of the series we will deal with end customer activation and troubleshooting. Typical problems or errors that can occur on the physical and / or transport layer of the network are highlighted. Furthermore, measuring devices for end customer activation are shown in order to carry out the connection without problems and to avoid a second visit. Participants will learn how to easily find the most common mistakes and problems that can occur during the life of an FTTH network.






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