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La tecnología evoluciona a gran velocidad. Por eso, creamos un glosario fácil de usar que lo ayude a entender mejor los términos, las tecnologías y las tendencias que afectan su negocio.

Fiber Monitoring

Fiber monitoring consists in maximizing network performance and quality of service by analyzing the root-cause of failures, from the physical to the application layer, before service-disruption issues reach the customer. This is achieved by locating cuts on a network in real time, testing links when provisioning new services and constantly validating key performance indicators.

Fiber monitoring can be divided into packet synchronization monitoring, optical fiber monitoring and optical line lifecycle testing.

Packet Synchronization Monitoring

This monitoring is designed for next-generation synchronization technologies, including performance assessment of SyncE and Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588v2).

SyncE, the abbreviated form of synchronous Ethernet, allows the transfer of clock signals over the Ethernet physical layer, making them traceable to an external clock.

Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE)

Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is a synchronization scheme that provides high clock accuracy in a packet network by continuously exchanging packets with appropriate timestamps.

Optical Fiber Network Monitoring

This monitoring is designed to speed up the analysis and location of failures through automated alarms and the creation of tickets.

Optical Line Lifecycle Testing

This consists in the qualification, certification, in-service testing, monitoring and troubleshooting any network link (P2P or P2MP) from the central office, a point of presence (PoP) or a local exchange site.

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