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EXFO en las Noticias

EXFO en las Noticias
EXFO en las Noticias

EXFO hosts innovation summit

EXFO The evolution of RAN

OFC 2018 Executive Interviews: EXFO

Densification & Next-Gen C-RAN

Assuring massive network transformation

Carrier NFV: Is Service Assurance Getting Enough Attention

EXFO demonstrates SkyRAN solution at MWC

EXFO demonstrates SkyRAN solution at MWC 2018

EXFO acquires Astellia

NFV: It Takes a Village

EXFO and China Mobile verify network for NB-IoT

Proactive Test System Weeds Out RFI

EXFO: Next-Level Assurance Solutions & Automation

Renting tecnológico de fusionadoras y equipos

EXFO: Automate or Stagnate

Exfo meets advanced 400G testing needs

Three 5G fiber trends to watch

Medidor de potencia PON-aware para telecomunicaciones

Test Analytics to Future-Proof Fiber Network Rollout

EXFO Lance le premier wattmètre PON du marché

EXFO demonstrates CDWDM/DWDM OTDR product at Cable Tec

News of Note—Accenture, EXFO, Vonage and more

EXFO Debuts PON Power Meter

EXFO launches PON-aware optical power meter

EXFO Debuts PON Power Meter

EXFO launches PON-aware optical power meter

PON Power Meter

Pushing Fiber Deeper to the Edge

Pushing Fiber Deeper to the Edge

2017 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Technology Highligthts

2017 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Technology Highlights: EXFO

Subscriber Network Performance Meter

EXFO unveils EX1 to provide active testing

Medidor del rendimiento de la red del suscriptor

2017 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo Technology Highlights: EXFO

Pushing Fiber Deeper to the Edge

EXFO intro EX1 throughput tester

EXFO Intros EX1 Throughput Tester

EXFO Showcase

SCTE Cable-Tec Expo 2017 Must See Products: EXFO

Analizzatore di spettro ottico universale Exfo FTBx-5255

EXFO Closes Acquisition of Yenista Optics

Largest ECOC show for a decade welcomes 600 visitors

EXFO bidding to buy optical test firm Yenista Optics

The Guide to network, service & subscrite analytics

EXFO Inc (EXFO) – Lookout Unusual Volume stock

Thank you EXFO for sponsoring NFOC 2017

EXFO Universal Virtual Sync


The Importance of BBU Emulation

The Importance of BBU Emulation

EXFO Launches 400G Test Suite

EXFO intros 400G test solution

Lightwave ECOC 2017 Video Show Daily, Day 1

Lightwave ECOC 2017 Video Show Daily, Day 1

Solución de testeo a 400G

Find out about EXFO’s newest network monitoring solution

ECOC 2017

Telecom Industry’s Most Advanced And Compact 400G Test Solution Released by EXFO

Show Preview: ECOC 2017

EXFO launches all-in one optical spectrum analyser

EXFO Case Study: Tier 1 MNO C-RAN field trial

EXFO releases non-intrusive OSNR test OSA products

FTBx-5245/5255 – Optical Spectrum Analyzers

Analizador de espectro optico con mediciones OSNR

Tier 1 MNO C-RAN field trial

Tier 1 MNO C-RAN Field Trial

Transforming the Network: Copper to Fiber

EXFO’s MAX-635G is now Gfast certified

Investor Watch on Shares of EXFO Inc (EXFO)

Challenges on the Road to C-RAN Adoption

Beyond CPRI: Planning for 5G Fronthaul

On the road to DCI transformation

How to make a smart network smarter

Four steps to a higher network IQ!

The evolution of assurance for NFV

Webminar learn how to measure an FTTH network

EXFO launches tunable CWDM OTDR modules

EXFO releases delay test tools and adjustable OTDR

EXFO releases delay test tools and adjustable OTDR

OTDR para canales CWDM

Data boom brings fiber monitoring into focus

Closing the Loop: Service Assurance and Topology

EXFO Demonstrates Its 3D Analytics Concept

OFC 2017 Executive Interview: EXFO

Philippe Morin takes the helm as EXFO’s new CEO

EXFO Announces CEO Transition

Test and Measurement Questions for 2017 and Beyond

Technology Highlights from OFC 2017 - EXFO

Closing the loop for automation

EXFO发布业界最小巧100Gbps综合测试平台FTB-4 Pro

Exfo acquires Ontology Systems for $7.6 million

Assuring massive network transformation

EXFO adquiere Ontology Systems

Punta de inspección de conector multifibra

Test and Measurement: Gearing up for MWC

Duo accelerate mobile network troubleshooting

NFV – Are you ready for the hybrid reality?

Herramienta Speedtest para banda ancha

Speedtest Powers Handheld Broadband Testing Device

Soros énergise le titre d'Exfo

Du pain sur la planche pour le Fonds InnovExport

Analyst Angle: Testing and validating fronthaul links

Test and Measurement Trends

RF interference analysis solution

RF interference analysis solution

Test and Measurement News

NEM solutions include new power metre

EXFO launches agile NEMs infrastructure solutions

How can C-RAN cut costs for mobile operators?

Power Meter

Power Meter

Aplicación para pruebas ópticas

OLTS measures insertion loss, optical return loss, fiber length

100G multichannel OTN testing

Comprobador OTN avanzado 100G multicanal

Módulo de testeo multicanal OTN a 100G

EXFO launches 100G Multichannel OTN testing


EXFO intros laboratory test suite

Test and Measurement: 100G testing expands

5G & IoT Dominate MWC16

EXFO brings a Quad OTDR to its MaxTester solution

Edge flows, test flows and IoT Security

Mobile World Congress 2016 – Small Cell Event Report

EXFO launches TestFlow cloud-based test automation

EXFO revamps entire OTDR and iOLM product range

OTDR QUAD con formato Tablet

EXFO introduces G.Fast handheld test set

EXFO unveils OTDR enhancements for data center, enterprise testing

OTDR portátil con interfaz gráfica

EXFO releases high-resolution tunable DWDM OTDR


EXFO releases high-res tunable DWDM OTDR

Fibre certifier for data centre and enterprise testing

Certificateur de fibre optique portable

EXFO Launches iSAM for Ethernet Service Testing

Diamond Technology Reviews 2015

Fiber Certifier

Tier 1 fiber certifier provides guidance throughout test process

EXFO Releases Fiber Certifier for Data Centers, Enterprise

Inaugural Cabling Innovators Awards ceremony

EXFO vise une poussée de croissance

EXFO Hires Philippe Morin as COO

Ciena's Morin moving to EXFO as COO

EXFO names Ciena veteran Philippe Morin as COO

Nouveau chef de l'exploitation chez EXFO

If Not FTTH, What Then?


Testing parameters for optical fibre cable

Liquid Telecom upgrades EXFO iOLM licences

EXFO offers far-end device for copper-pair quality testing

EXFO Turns Smartphones Into Fiber Test Tools

Attendance Record Set At MWC 2015

Mobile agent turns smartphones into real-time QoE probes

EXFO Reduces Testing Time by a Minimum of 50 Percent

EXFO Aims to Simplify OTDR Testing

EXFO turns smartphones into real-time QoE probes

EXFO releases open analytics platform

T&M Instruments: Driven by Impending VoLTE Deployment

Churning Over a New Leaf

EXFO’s iCERT capability enables automated, intelligent fiber certification

Une école numérique dans la campagne de Mortin

FTTA tester validates for CPRI, tests fiber spans from base station to RRU

Les télécommunications : Des réseaux tentaculaires

LTE analyser’s performance boosted

EXFO expands CPRI offering to support fibre-based RAN

EXFO boosts 40G/100G test and mapping capabilities

EXFO enhances 40G/100G test capabilities

EXFO a founding member of next-generation network group

Real-time network performance monitoring solution

Network troubleshooting tool for mobile networks

EXFO demonstrates multi-vendor vectoring

Gearing Up for LTE and LTE-Advanced Deployments

New version of EXFO's TravelHawk Pro

Monitorización de red en tiempo real

EXFO launches real-time network performance monitoring

EXFO Fibre Guardian stand-alone remote optical time-domain reflectometer

EXFO Launches Real-Time Net Monitoring

Real-time network-infrastructure performance-monitoring platform

EXFO Kit Monitors Virtualized Networks

EXFO Launches Network Performance Monitoring Solution

Network performance monitoring solution launched

EXFO Intros Real-Time Performance Monitoring Solution

Multiservice 10G network test module

FTTH Top 100 Broadband Communities Magazine

T&M Equipment: Keeping the Flame Alive

Suite de rendimiento de infraestructuras

EXFO Intros Infrastructure Performance Suite

EXFO Enhances Support for VoLTE Quality Assessment Metrics

EXFO joins Alcatel-Lucent’s CloudBand

EXFO Improves VoLTE Quality with POLQA

EXFO Lands $2M Order for Ethernet One

EXFO reports sales, profits up

EXFO introduces cloud-based Test Function Virtualization

EXFO, de Québec, prend enfin du mieux

Commande de 2 millions $US pour EXFO

SDNCentral SDN and NFV Weekly Roundup

EXFO Acquires Assets of Aito Technologies

EXFO Acquires Assets of Aito Technologies

EXFO Buys Aito Technologies, Boosts Analytics Capabilities

EXFO Acquires Aito Technologies

Virtualización de test basada en la nube

EXFO lance une suite logicielle de tests virtuels

Tester multiservicio 10G de redes convergentes

EXFO launches EXFO TFv cloud-based test virtualization

Optimizing the HetNet With Fiber

FPM-300 Power Meter

Fibre inspection probe

Fiber-optic technicians: How confident are you about your connector cleanliness?

Multiservice 100G field tester

Video: Fiber connector certification speed challenge

EXFO acquires ByteSphere service assurance

EXFO launches next-generation multimodule platform

Germain Lamonde: «on joue pour gagner»

Sondes d’inspection de connecteurs

EXFO Acquires ByteSphere’s Technologies

Acquisition stratégique pour EXFO

EXFO acquires software company ByteSphere

EXFO Acquires ByteSphere Assets

EXFO Acquires ByteSphere Technologies

EXFO Bolsters Brix With OSS Acquisition

Module meets converged network test requirements

Tester multiservicio 10G

10G multiservice tester

EXFO Unveils FTB-8830NGE Power Blazer

EXFO Launches New Optical Testing Platform

EXFO Intros New 10G Multiservice Tester

Compact, modular, multi-technology fiber-optic tester

EXFO Launches FTB-2 Pro Test Platform

FTB-2 Pro


EXFO – Helping operators tackle LTE challenges

Atenuador variable de fibra óptica

EXFO expands 40G/100G multiservice test module's capabilities

Test OTN de 40G a 100G

EXFO enhances 40G/100G multiservice testing

EXFO vise un marché de 61 M$ pour une nouvelle caméra

Analizador de espectro óptico Pol-Mux

OSNR capabilties upgrade optical spectrum analysers

Fiber best practices for the wireless world

OSPredictions: Telecom Insights for 2014

Herramienta iOLM con capacidades test

Exfo expands fiber test capabilities for iOLM LAN/WAN tools


EXFO brings its revolutionary iOLM to the multimode world

100G testers support CFP and CFP2 interfaces

Coup de pouce d'EXFO aux Philippines

Multiservice field tester spans options from 10M to 100G

FTTx test trends


Netia Trials Coriant's 400G

Combo optical, Ethernet testing module targets all fiber-based mobile infrastructures


EXFO introduces continuous-wave laser source

Automated, intelligent fiber inspection probe

EXFO Discusses the DNA of Small Cells

EXFO Launches Tablet-Inspired Handheld OTDR

OTDRs portátil en formato Tablet

Vectoring Delivers

Tablet-inspired OTDR has large touchscreen, icon-based GUI

EXFO launches handheld OTDR line

Analizadores de espectro óptico Tier-1

EXFO Intros Entry-Level OSAs

EXFO Launches the 400G Test Solution

FLS-2800 Integrated Tunable Laser Assembly

FLS-2800 Benchtop ITLA Tunable Laser Source

EXFO rolls out first 400G test suite

EXFO Unveils FLS-2800 Benchtop ITLA Tunable Laser Source




Beyond 100G--EXFO Launches the First 400G Test Solution


EXFO Validates 400G Gear

EXFO launches 400G test solution

Beyond 100G--EXFO Launches the First 400G Test Solution

EXFO Introduces 400 Gbps

EXFO targets 400-Gbps test requirements

LTE Testing: Implementing Layer-by-Layer Approach

Introducción a la tecnología FTTH (Spanish)

EXFO Adds to Its Power Blazer Test Tools

The Year of 100G

Why do we need 100G? (Chinese)

Why Deploying 100G (Chinese)

Trade shows crucial for Kiwi firms

De l'ordre dans la cabane!

EXFO Launches MXS-9100 MEMS Matrix Optical Switch

Fuente de luz sintonizable ITLA (Spanish)

EXFO upgrades NetBlazer testing solution

EXFO launches IQS-2800 ITLA tunable laser source

EXFO Launches IQS-2800 ITLA Tunable Laser Source

EXFO Launches MXS-9100 MEMS Matrix Optical Switch

EXFO, Coherent Solutions Debut IQS-2800 ITLA Tunable Laser Source

EXFO Intros Tunable Laser Source

EXFO at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress, Day 2: Testing the Network

Portable analyzer troubleshoots LTE networks

Network performance critical for productivity

EXFO mise sur l'innovation

TravelHawk Pro Next-Generation Portable LTE Analyzer From EXFO

EXFO, RAD expand network monitoring collaboration

EXFO Simplifies 3G/LTE Backhaul Turn-Up

EXFO Field-Tests 40G/100G

EXFO Releases 40G/100G Field Test Module

WDM Investigator

Handheld platform gains wideband copper and DSL testing

EXFO announces three new additions to FTB-1 handheld platform

EXFO Seeks to ID DWDM Impairments

EXFO unveils new WDM investigator

India's Rural Connections - What Is the Plan?

T&M Equipment– Competition Heats Up

4G Testing on the Rise

EXFO named market share leader in portable fiber-optic test equipment

Go Beyond OTDR Testing with EXFO’s iOLM

Comtinu helps telcos grow

OTDR automates FTTH fault management

EXFO provides service assurance for transport SLAs

EXFO Partners With Artiza Networks

EXFO Intros Floating Test Licenses

EXFO Pushes the Limits of Field-Testing Cost-Efficiency

Solución de test y medición Carrier Ethernet (Spanish)

EXFO unveils new test unit for FTTH fault management

Los desafíos de 100 Gigabit Ethernet

The optical communications glow second spring

EXFO sells over 25,000 FTB-200 platforms

OTDR con pantalla de 7”

EXFO centralizes Ethernet activation, test and monitoring services

Testing times for communication technologies

EXFO Unveils Centralized Ethernet Monitoring

EXFO Unveils Ethernet One

EXFO adds iOLM technology to FTB Series OTDR modules

Business Pressures Shaping Technology Changes

Telecom Test and Service Assurance

Testing Times for Voice on 4G

EXFO Launches Portable iPro Intelligent Network Analysis Probe

EXFO Intros Portable iPro Network Probe

Mobile World Congress 2012, Day 2

EXFO adds bursty backhaul test

Bridging Siloed Services for a Seamless Customer Experience

EXFO Debuts First Multirate Field Testing Solution Up to 100G

BrixHawk Distributed Analyzer launched by EXFO

EXFO Expands Network Analysis, Monitoring Family

EXFO Launches BrixHawk Distributed Analyzer

One-Way Delay Measuring Modules

EXFO Measures BER at a Symbol Rate of 66 GBd

Photos: 2011 Leadership Awards Reception

OFC/NFOEC 2011: Speed increases move out of the lab

Perfect Timing: Engineering Ethernet-Based Cell Backhaul

OTN testing falls into place

Testing cabling's twists, turns and terminations

EXFOamps up handheld Ethernet, optical testers

CENX, EXFO Add Monitoring to Exchanges

CENX, EXFO Add Monitoring to Exchanges

Going all-IP for converged network monitoring

Optical Phase-Sensitive Sampling to Capture Optical Waveforms

Optical Testing What Do System Ops and Techs Really Need?

EXFO continuing down 4G radio/IP monitoring path

EXFO's Mobile Fightin' Talk

Forum to define network test interface

OFC/NFOEC 2010 in Pictures

EXFO and NetHawk - Another Marriage Made in Heaven?

EXFO Builds a Nest in the LTE Test Market

Complex modulation comes to optical fiber

100G: Arriving sooner than you think

IP, LTE, Ethernet Triumvirate Drive Testing Agenda

Turning Up ROADM-Based Networks

Baselining VoIP Service Quality

ROADMs Make PMD Mitigation a Must

Digging Beyond Network Autopsy Reports

Optical Dispersion: What It Is and how to Avoid It

EXFO Distributes PMD Testing

EXFO Sprinkles Magic Dust

High-Speed Networks Require New SONET/SDH Test Equipment

New Testing Approaches for Mobile Phone Quality

Ethernet Testing- More Standardization Needed

Assuring IP Service Quality is Job One