Adaptive service assurance platform

Full visibility and diagnostics for complex transport networks, extensive RAN footprints, and the services, devices and user experiences they support. From core to edge and throughout the network function stack.


The EXFO adaptive service assurance platform delivers a unified view of network performance across segments, domains and layers. It combines source-agnostic data collection, ingestion and transformation, telecom analytics and a common experience across applications and reporting tools.

Full-stack visibility

Monitors quality of experience of every service, device and subscriber

Actionable insight

Stitches data across sources to provide unique, actionable insight

Enhanced customer understanding

Correlates actual network performance and the lived customer experience in real time

Rapid deployment

Configuration not code, with full orchestration in Kubernetes environments


EXFO solutions help you exceed customer expectations. Learn how we help you overcome your key challenges.

Expertise and customers

We help deploy better and faster. We provide real-time visibility into service performance.


Service providers use the EXFO platform to design, monitor and optimize networks and services, to automate operations and to exceed customer expectations by providing a superior experience.

EXFO’s customers rely on our expertise to help them meet their business goals and deliver the best possible performance from their network investments.

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