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九月 2021 Release notes

OTDR/iOLM - version 8.36

FTB/LTB series

Product improvement

iOLM - Manually group an element together with an unbalanced splitter

You can now group an unbalanced splitter element with the previous or next element.

This allows you to combine sub-elements of an unbalanced terminal into a single group element which aligns with network engineering maps and specifications.

Product improvement

iOLM - Improved unbalanced splitter detection when testing from a tap leg

When testing through a TAP port, the complete sequence of unbalanced splitters from the test point will be displayed as a single grouped element. Thresholds for the sequence are applied accordingly.

Product improvement

iOLM - Improved diagnostic messages

Clearer diagnostic messages.

Bug fix

iOLM - Analysis improvement

General improvement of signal processing analysis.

Product improvement

OTDR - Improved autonaming for SOR OTDR files with the addition of wavelength parameters

OTDR .SOR file naming now better supports the autonaming convention required by FiberDoc post processing software. When you select the .SOR format, the file name only displays one wavelength.

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