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六月 2021 Release notes

FastReporter 3 - version 3.6

EXFO Ecosystem

New feature

FastReporter 3 now supports PX1 test results

Supports PX1 test results to perform post-processing operation such as results documentation, thresholds edition and report generation.

Product improvement

Multilingual implementation (French, Spanish, German)

New feature now available in French, Spanish and German 

Product improvement

Add “revert test” setting to default values

It’s now possible to revert all test settings to default/factory settings. Applicable for OTDR, iOLM, OLTS and FIP measurement types.

Product improvement

Pulse selection for iOLM SOR generation

It’s now possible to select the same pulse width as in the iOLM application.

New feature

Validator mode now available with USB dongle

Validator mode will now be enabled when using USB dongle license keys. 

Product improvement

Option to select “All Wavelengths” now available when editing thresholds

It’s now possible to select all wavelengths and apply thresholds to all the wavelengths simultaneously.

Product improvement

Option to remember report settings

It’s now possible to save report setting preferences (ex: saving path, format type)

Product improvement

Quick access bar customization

It’s now possible to customize the FR3 quick access bar in order to quickly and easily access the most commonly used features and commands.

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