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EXFO certified Tier-1 and Tier-2 training for data centers

Get certified to assess the performance of the fiber optic infrastructure in data centers and enterprise private networks.

2 days



Certification testing

  • Fiber cabling standards IEC, ISO, TIA
  • End-to-end loss, insertion loss (IL) measurements using a fiber certifier OLTS, LS/PM
  • Encircled-flux (EF) test conditions
  • Reference test methods and test cords
  • Length, polarity, gender and connectivity considerations
  • Fiber-link pass/fail analysis
  • Data center fiber-link certification and reporting
  • Testing and measurement considerations

Troubleshooting (OTDR/iOLM test)

  • End-to-end loss
  • Reflectance, optical return loss (ORL) characterization
  • OTDR trace and optical link mapper view interpretation
  • Event pass/fail analysis
  • Fault-finding and event characterization
  • Troubleshooting

Network topologies and fiber types

  • Overview of the different network topologies and fiber-optic types used in data centers and private networks

Fiber-optic connector inspection and maintenance best practices

  • Connector endface certification using the FIP-400B inspection probe with ConnectorMax2 analysis software − Connector endface visual inspection SM/MM/Simplex/Duplex/MTP-MPO
  • The cleaning phase and methodologies (dry, wet, hybrid)
  • Visual fault location, fiber identification and traffic detection

Report creation

  • Instant report generation from test sets
  • Result documentation, analysis, editing and reporting with FastReporter 2 data postprocessing software

Hands-on session

***EXFO recommends one pair of test sets per 3 individuals***

  • Light source and power meter (manual IL method)
  • MaxTester 9XX fiber certifier OLTS setup, configuration and testing (FasTesTTM automated IL method IL method)
  • OTDR-iOLM setup, configuration and testing
  • Simplex, duplex, singlemode, multimode testing

Who should attend?

  • Data center managers and fiber-optic testing technicians
  • Enterprise network managers and fiber-optic testing technicians

EXFO provides a comprehensive program to help you confidently understand, maintain and assess the quality of structured fiber cabling within data centers and enterprise networks. On-site training gives you direct face time with our training expert, who will not only cover theoretical and practical aspects but also provide expert tips on how to use your test gear like a pro in real-world testing situations. Get EXFO certified!


Introduction to optical fiber
OTDR fundamentals


  • Learn about data center and enterprise network industry standards and best practices for cable certifications (TIA-568 C.3, TIA-942, ANSI/BICSI-02, etc.)
  • Understand the different network topologies (both existing and in development) used in data centers and private networks and their testing challenges
  • Understand the differences related to manual and automated test methods, and learn how to avoid errors associated with manually certifying cable installations versus using the automated fiber certifier
  • Leverage the full capabilities of the test equipment, and their set of accessories to acquire and analyze real-world data to complete cabling certification projects
  • Understand how to generate complete certification reports

The ECFT default program covers Tier-1 certification and an introduction to Tier-2 troubleshooting segment that is adapted to your requirements. If complete Tier-1 and Tier-2 training is required, an additional day of training shall be required. Hands-on session will be covered in the one-day training but can be extended over a second day of training upon request.


8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

On-site training at a place close to you.