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Going Live with VoLTE?

Lawrence Delvecchio

Marketing Manager

Lawrence Delvecchio is Marketing Manager for EXFO’s Wireless Business Unit, in Toronto. With 16 years of experience in sales and marketing, he is responsible for developing product positioning, sales enablement and market intelligence for EXFO’s leading-edge simulation and load testing products. 

We are back in the client’s office at ACME Mobile with the client at his desk and ‘the other guy’ in front of him. The client is questioning ‘the other guy’. Client: “We’ve tested everything in the lab. Are we really confident to go live with VoLTE?” The other guy seems to take the launch for granted, and seems lazily laid back at first when questioned. Other guy: “Of course you can go live. No worries at all. My monitoring solution will catch any error that pops up once your network is live.” Client: “Identifying failures after they've occurred is NOT an option. I’ve seen others fail after thorough lab testing. How can you be so sure we won’t fail?” We see the competitor, hesitating, sweating, and not knowing what to answer. Other guy: “Well, I mean…” Client: “I have a complex, geo-redundant production network, with multivendors, and multiple applications and technologies. All these have a different configuration from my lab network. Shouldn’t you have tested the production network?” Other guy: “No worries, you can go live.” Client: “What to do... what to do…Maybe, HE can help! I gotta call the expert!” We see a blue phone in a bell jar (like the one used by Commissioner Gordon to call Batman). We see the EXFO logo projected in the sky, like the Batman calling sign. The EXFO guy is now with the client. Client: “Glad you are in town. You see, we did several tests in the lab, but I’m still worried that failures will be found in my live network. Can you help?” EXFO: “Sure! Testing production network is a must because the configurations and dimensions are different. I recommend that we do the following: Characterize your network design for dimensioned maximum subscriber capacity and performance.  Validate your VoLTE network performance in overload conditions for high availability. Ensure network resiliency and reliability by testing geo-redundant and failover scenarios. Verify configuration of multivendor devices for interworking and interoperability. Finally, generate a real world mix of traffic patterns to characterize the IMS and EPC networks that deliver expected quality of service and quality of experience.” While the EXFO guy is explaining his tests, the client seems relieved. The other guy looks at him with admiring eyes. He’s the bigger type of hero, he’s a mentor, an example to all. Client: “That’s a lot of things we hadn’t thought about. Anyway, please go ahead with your plan.” We see ACME Mobile building. We are back in the client’s office with the client and the EXFO guy. EXFO: “As suspected, many issues were found while testing your production network: 10% of subscribers were unable to access voice and data services. There was an unexpected number of dropped calls. Call quality could not be maintained. There was a service level agreement mismatch. The network could not handle calls at only 55% of its capacity.  And there were many protocol failures and scalability issues.” Client (relieved): “Now, that’s quite a catch!” EXFO: “We’ve worked with your team to locate and fix the problems. And we re-tested to make sure that they did not occur again.” Client (ecstatic): “So, I’ll finally be able to launch my VoLTE service successfully and ensure the right quality of service for my subscribers?” EXFO: “Absolutely!” We see the EXFO guy looking at us with the thumb up. Trust the expert. Test production network. Launch your VoLTE service with confidence. THE END




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