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Stay ahead of the pack: Get the latest coverage on high-speed technology

Looking for a handy reference guide to high-speed optical and transport technology? If so, EXFO’s newly updated 100G Reference Poster is now available and chock full of all the information you need.

This full-color, two-sided, high-resolution poster features all things high-speed, from advanced modulation schemes and impairments for 100 Gbit/s line-side testing to 40G/100G Ethernet interfaces, frame  rates and protocols.

The transport side of this poster features high-speed transport technology, and covers CFPs, interfaces, 100G Ethernet and parallel optics in detail. The 40G/100G Ethernet (IEE 802.3ba) section provides essential information about frame formats and rates, PCS Lane Skew and PCS Lane Markers, as well as the highlights of the IEE 802.3ba standard. In addition, it includes a section covering 100 GigE packet transmission with an overview of the simplified 802.3 stack. The transport side also covers OTU3/OTU4 (ITU-T G.709), with an emphasis on OTU3/OTU4 over parallel optics, 40G/100G GigE mapping into OTU3/OTU4, 40G/100G GigE mapping into ODU multiplexing, OTN frame structure and frame rates, and OTN-ODUO. As an added bonus, the poster now features a section on CFP2 adapters.

The optical side of the poster focuses on impairments, advanced modulation schemes, optical spectrum analyzers, dispersion and OSNR measurement. This page features constellation diagrams of common QPSK impairments, comparing an ideal QPSK constellation to a poor signal-to-noise ratio transmitter, chirp, I/Q gain imbalance, and more. Other key topics include polarization mode dispersion, OPEX reduction using EXFO’s WDM Investigator, the IEC and in-band OSNR methods, and a new section on OSNR measurement of coherent 40G/100G signals featuring the Commissioning Assistant, EXFO’s Pol‑Mux OSA.

Download a free copy of the 100G Reference Poster now.