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一月 2022 Release notes

FIP-500: new software release

Handheld units

New feature

Automated threshold adjustments

By “tapping” a SmarTip on the FIP-500, pass/fail thresholds will automatically be adjusted to the type of connector under test. This remarkable automation helps the technician prevent mistakes when selecting thresholds and makes fiber inspection easier than ever!

New feature

Connector image details and diagnostics

Connector images and diagnostic information now appear on screen to tell the technician what may be causing an issue.

New feature

Control center

Swipe down on the FIP-500 screen to access a smartphone-inspired control center where technicians can quickly and easily adjust screen brightness, turn the flashlight on or off and activate or deactivate WiFi and Bluetooth.

New feature

Multi-language support

The FIP-500 interface is now available in English, French, Simplified Chinese, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese.

New feature

Live video

The FIP-500 now shows a live video image of the connector while it’s being tested.

Product improvement

WiFi networks

The FIP-500 can now connect to multiple WiFi networks, just like a smart device.

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