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三月 2022 Release notes

OTDR/iOLM - version 8.38

FTB/LTB series

Product improvement

iOLM: flexible thresholds management for bidirectional measurements.

You can now set discrete unidirectional and bidirectional thresholds for bidirectional measurements Bidirectional loss thresholds are applied on the average loss of the AB and BA measurement. Unidirectional thresholds are applied on the worst direction. Status is ‘’Fail’’ as soon as one value (unidirectional or bidirectional) fails

Product improvement

iOLM: users can now create custom elements based on ‘unbalanced splitters’ type

Improved manual post-processing support for unbalanced splitter networks. Users can now create custom elements based on ‘unbalanced splitters’ type. Custom elements based on unbalanced splitters follows unbalanced splitters grouping rules (see above and iOLM release 8.36) while still allowing all advantages from custom elements (custom name, custom icon, custom pass/fail threshold).

Product improvement

iOLM: auto-grouping of internal events of an unbalanced splitter

Since iOLM 8.36, users can manually group an element together with the closest unbalanced splitter. Now, this can be performed automatically by iOLM when user defines an auto-grouping distance. Elements that obey the unbalanced splitter grouping rules and are within the automatic grouping distance will be grouped to the nearest adjacent unbalanced splitter.

Product improvement

iOLM: improved pass/fail rules on internal element grouping for unbalanced splitter network.

When an element is grouped with an unbalanced splitter (manually or automatically), it will now be considered as an internal element. Its loss will still contribute to the loss of the group. And group pass/fail thresholds now remain limited to the main unbalanced splitter element.

Product improvement

iOLM: customizable definition of unbalanced splitter topologies (for fully automated acquisition and analysis)

By default, unbalanced splitters topologies defined in an iOLM Test Configuration are based on the nominal unbalanced split percentage ratio (e.g., 70/30) and iOLM built-in definition of expected typical losses.

Users can now define a set of custom unbalanced splitters with their custom names and profiles (number of tap ports, typical & max loss for tap and thru legs, max reflectance) matching their internal conventions.

Bug fix

iOLM: general improvements of the analysis

General improvement of signal processing.

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