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十二月 2021 Release notes

CTP10 – version 2.4

Benchtops and rackmounts

New feature

PDL analysis

The PCT WDM analysis mode now includes a PDL Analysis tool to calculate:

  • PDL @λGrid
  • PDL @λChan
  • PDLmax

PDL analysis results are displayed in the analysis table alongside other results such as central wavelength, filter width or isolation.

New feature

PCT WDM analysis in Daisy-Chaining

In daisy-chain configuration, traces measured on the Secondary CTP10 can now be selected for analysis in PCT WDM mode. Results of all trace analyses, associated with the primary or secondary CTP10 are merged and displayed on the primary CTP10.

New feature

IL PDL OPM2 now supports daisy-chaining

The IL PDL OPM2 module can now be used in daisy-chaining with one or multiple lasers. With a single laser, this configuration can accommodate up to 104 detectors (44 on the primary CTP10 and 60 on the secondary CTP10). Multi-laser configurations using the IL PDL OPM2 require the use of the FBC-M module, and the configuration can accommodate up to 98 detectors (38 on the primary CTP10, 60 on the secondary CTP10).

New feature

Electrical triggers from the CTP10 during the sweep

The CTP10 can now output pulsed electrical triggers during the laser sweep, enabling synchronization with external instruments such as SMU.

At the end of the sweep, the wavelength array associated with the electrical triggers can be retrieved from the CTP10 using automation.

More information

Visit the CTP10 product page for more information

CTP10 product page




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