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A deep dive into what goes into deploying and testing undersea fiber optic



部署海底网络是一件庞大复杂的工程,因此选择合适的合作伙伴和设备非常重要。凭借完整的端到端解决方案组合和量身定制的专业服务, EXFO接受委托,测试超过80%的新海底光缆也就不足为奇了*。阅读我们最新的案例研究,详细了解EXFO的光纤与传输测试解决方案如何帮助在海底部署光纤,从而让各个大陆之间的通信更加便捷。

* EXFO2018财年


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  • Olivier Tremblay-Lavoie

    Olivier Tremblay-Lavoie – Portfolio Marketing Leader at EXFO

    Olivier is Portfolio Marketing Leader at EXFO, where he’s been helping spearhead go-to-market strategies for EXFO test and measurement solutions portfolio since 2011. He has over 17 years’ experience in the telecom industry, including experience at Bell, a leading Canadian operator, where he helped launch the company’s first IPTV and fiber-to-the-home residential services. Olivier brings considerable expertise in high-tech product marketing and sales channel management and a unique grasp of today’s market trends, technologies and test applications in the field of fiber optic deployment.

    Olivier’s passion for understanding EXFO’s customers, their reality and the critical challenges they face gives him a real edge when it comes to leveraging EXFO’s intelligent, automated solutions to meet their needs and communicating the company’s unique value proposition.