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CenturyLink Leverages EXFO Service Assurance Solution to Deliver Best QoE

“EXFO’s service assurance solutions have enabled CenturyLink to increase visibility throughout its network, flagging potential issues before affecting customers and offering operational efficiency pointers to optimise the network quality.”*

~ Gery Messer, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at CenturyLink to Asia Outlook Magazine

CenturyLink constantly innovates to push the boundaries of performance, reliability and quality even further. In order to continue growing, the company needed to gain more visibility throughout its network and access actionable information to proactively detect and address potential end-to-end service impacting issues—all in order to optimize service delivery, improve quality of service (QoS), and maximize customer quality of experience (QoE).

Over the years, EXFO developed a strong relationship with CenturyLink, demonstrating its leadership and technological expertise by introducing innovative solutions tailored to help CenturyLink overcome challenges in a competitive market and achieve key corporate objectives including improved end-to-end quality of service and operational efficiencies.

EXFO’s Service Assurance Division proposed a comprehensive solution comprised of a centralized test orchestration system (EXFO Worx) and strategically deployed measurement probes (Verifiers) throughout CenturyLink’s network. This combination solved the operator’s challenges in multiple ways:

  • The Verifiers provided continuous network and service assurance via highly accurate performance measurements taken at the transport and application layers — a unique approach that combines QoS and QoE in a single platform.
  • EXFO Worx gave users complete network visibility by managing and leveraging the highly scalable Verifiers and processing millions of measurements per second, enabling quick deployment of new services and test sequences as well as providing near real-time access to performance metrics.
  • The solution generated gains in process efficiency via centralized test management service activation, where trucks rolls were eliminated in favor of remote service turn-up and troubleshooting.

Asia Outlook recently published an interview with Gery Messer, Managing Director, Asia Pacific at CenturyLink about how the company is transforming its business to become a truly global IT services provider. Read the full story on page 48 to 51 here. For additional information, please contact your local representative.

*Source: Asia Outlook Magazine, Issue 17, October 2015