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MXS-9100 - MEMS matrix optical switch

Jointly developed with DiCon, this all-optical cross-connect technology is optimized for EXFO systems and software, providing fast protection switching at the fiber layer, automation of test sequences and instrument-grade performance.

Key features

Available in various configurations, from 2x8 up to 96x96
Protocol and bit-rate independent
Fast switching time; less than 40 ms
High reliability; lifetime > 10⁹ cycles
SCPI-over-Ethernet remote-control capabilities


High-speed matrix switch to boost fiber-optic capacity

The DiCon Fiberoptics MXS-9100 MEMS MxN Matrix Optical Switch is optimized for use with EXFO systems and software control. This high-speed, high-performance fiber-optic switch allows any number of M input fibers to connect to any number of N output fibers in a fully non‑blocking manner.

Housed in the 1U dedicated chassis, this all optical cross-connect technology provides the unique combination of low insertion loss, fast switching and very high reliability required by engineers in their lab or manufacturing environments.

With its remote-control capabilities using SCPI over Ethernet, the MXS-9100 is the perfect solution for sharing centralized instruments or automated tests in manufacturing environments.