MAX-5205 - Simple DWDM channel checker

Intuitive channel checker to monitor DWDM channels and measure their power.

Complex networks, simple solutions

The MAX-5205 is a new channel checker that leverages an intuitive workflow, highly visual data representation, as well as plug-and-play options to make it the perfect field companion when dealing with dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) transmissions over optical fiber.

Intuitive test results analysis

Thanks to its 7-inch outdoor-enhanced color touchscreen, the tester offers an intuitive workflow menu and neatly displays test results analysis. Highly visual data representation allows for simpler and faster results assessment. Tests results can be displayed into graph display or table view to examine channel power levels. Color coding also provides contextual status over pass/fail analysis.

Designed for flexible use in the field

The tried-and-tested MaxTester design—compact and portable—is a rugged field companion, built to withstand the harshest conditions. Its battery will provide sufficient power for up to 8 hours. You can keep your options open with the MaxTester. The following plug-and-play optical options can be purchased whenever you need them: when you order or later on. In either case, installation is a snap, and can be done by the user without the need for any software update.


Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) and workflow
Bar graph and table view on wide touchscreen
High storage capacity and reporting from the field
Intelligent channel power level measurements
Compact and portable form factor
Covers C-BAND ITU-T G.692 DWDM grid channels (12-62) and PON wavelengths


The MAX-5205 optical channel checker leverages an intuitive workflow and a handheld form factor with a wide touchscreen. This makes it an essential and a practical tool in the field for technicians troubleshooting or commissioning DWDM networks.

The MAX-5205 also offers data storage and reporting capacity from the field, avoiding delays in closing jobs and the loss of test results.

With the plug-and-play optical add-ons (inspection probe, power meter and visual fault locator), this test kit becomes a powerful, agile, and versatile solution for various network architectures.