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产品支持 - TestFlow

所有产品 TestFlow - 现场测试管理解决方案
所有产品 TestFlow - 现场测试管理解决方案



What is the pricing model?

TestFlow accounts are activated based on an annual subscription model.

How long does it take to get a good return on investment?

Based on our existing customers, the annual licensing costs are paid off in the first 3 months.

How do I add new users?

An active user is a user currently associated with a user license. To invite a new user, you must have at least one free user license available (under ‘Users’ menu). An invited user who has logged into the TestFlow server can also be ‘deactivated’ – meaning the user cannot access the TestFlow server, though the user profile is kept.

Why did EXFO choose a public cloud?

Today’s cloud computing is more business-friendly than ever before. Integrating a public cloud solution into your business involves a simple connection; moving forward, all maintenance and support is then done by a team of experts. A public cloud-hosted solution delivers many benefits that complement a customer’s business and brings instant value, including:

  • Delivers solution simplicity—up and running in minutes without intrusion into your busy IT resources
  • Faster business optimization—work on projects that differentiate your business not the infrastructure supporting it
  • Lowers costs for you—activation flexibility and expense sharing with other businesses and pay as you go scalability
  • Reliability and availability—a dedicated team to investigate and resolve issues faster and ensure that performance is always on par
  • Highly secure environment for all customers—protected privacy and security of your data

Read our infographic on this topic.

Which Cloud provider does EXFO use and why?

EXFO has been involved in cloud computing for over eight years, seamlessly supporting many customers. EXFO solutions use Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most trusted cloud provider in the world.

What happens if my subscription expires?

First, your data is safe. However, you will be transferred to the basic Starter plan. Your plan-privileges will be restricted to a maximum of 5 active users until you renew your subscription or upgrade to another plan. You will be notified 3 months in advance of any expiring subscription. Certain conditions apply for Ultimate and Enterprise plans, so please contact your sales representative prior to account expiration to get all details.

Is my data safe if I discontinue TestFlow services?

Yes, your data will be saved and safe. However, if you don't use TestFlow for one year, your data will be automatically removed from the TestFlow system. You can also request to have your data permanently deleted from the system immediately after closing your account. Contact our support team for assistance.

For any additional questions, please contact [email protected].

Can I request more user licenses for the existing plan?

Sure, you can request additional user licenses as and when required. You don’t have to wait until the end of your existing subscription. You can purchase multiple subscriptions in advance and you can choose to renew each block of licenses separately or request to align subscription expiry for all existing licenses.

How can I request a free trial account?

Register here to enjoy a 90-day free trial or simply contact [email protected] to have your account created and set up.








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