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Overview of xWDM technologies—Part I

  • 2020年4月23日

Gwenn Amice

Subject Matter Expert

Gwenn Amice currently holds the position of Subject Matter Expert with EXFO, focusing on next generation optical network in charge of technical seminars, trainings, support and technical advices to EXFO’s customers.

Since 2019 Gwenn Amice has been appointed Senior member of technical staff representing EXFO at industry standard events and interfacing with EXFO product development groups.

Mr. Amice holds a university degree in electrical engineering and industrial computing.

He is a member of the Broadband Forum Americas Technology Committee

With the densification of data everywhere in the network (backbone, backhaul, middle-haul and fronthaul), using one fiber per service is not the best use of resources.

Multiplexing multiple services through the same fiber is more efficient in transporting data from point A to point B, while providing a sustainable and evolutive path moving forward.

Key takeaways:

  • The current array of WDM technologies
  • Key xWDM signal parameters that require testing

Stay tuned for Part II which will cover WDM applications in 5G optical access networks.




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