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Let there be more light: getting network and service insights right


The need to understand how networks and services perform is far from new. For years, we have been monitoring mobile and fixed-line networks to ensure service quality and optimal user experience. In fact, we have gradually seen a shift from mainly network-centric metrics to QoS (quality of service) and QoE (quality of experience). There has also been a trend towards predictive and preemptive—i.e., not just diagnostic and reactive—insights.

But in many cases, the available network and/or service data and insights are not the right ones. Partial and inaccurate insights effectively leave operational teams and executives in the dark. Even worse, they may create the illusion of network and service visibility that can lead to suboptimal decisions with devastating repercussions. 5G and mission-critical use cases in particular require true visibility. They require more network and service “light” through the right data and insights.

Attend this webinar and learn:

  • How network and service data can lead to partial and potentially misleading insights
  • What the impact of inaccurate network and service insights can be in practice
  • How we can get data and insights right, for true network and service visibility

Our webinar is based on years of industry experience and engagements with network operators and service providers. Join the live webinar for an insightful discussion, and take the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A session.






Thank you.