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Adapting to the world's exploding need for bandwidth


The world’s increasing hunger for connectivity anytime, anywhere is fueling the need for faster, more reliable networks; and it’s a constant reminder to operators of the importance of swiftly moving ahead with 5G implementation plans. But with some 5G standards still being written, how do operators choose the best equipment and technologies to include within their network architectures? And how do operators ensure that transformations to the all-important transport network are done right, while that same network continues to support 4G, both now and in the future? It’s all about building flexibility and adaptability into designs, as well as ensuring interoperability between technologies, platforms and test equipment.

From the beginning, when the first 5G-related chips were brought to market, Xilinx and EXFO collaborated to ensure interoperability between their solutions—proving to the world that Xilinx chips and EXFO test equipment are capable of working together and that both companies’ 5G solutions are ready for prime time.

In this latest episode, Sophie Legault, Director of EXFO’s Transport and Datacom Business Unit joins Gilles Garcia, Xilinx’s WWG Business Lead Director, to discuss how the two companies work together to each bring workable, fully formed solutions to the market that are tested from infancy and ready to bring 5G solutions to life today.

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