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septiembre 2022 Release notes

FastReporter 3 – version 3.9

EXFO Ecosystem

New feature

New management capabilities for handheld instruments

Synchronize test results from some handheld instruments by connecting them to a PC through a USB cable and importing the results directly into FR3.
Users can also perform this operation wirelessly when the handheld instrument is connected to the same network as the PC.

New feature

Support for the FIP-500

Support for the FIP-500:

  • Review results and generate reports based on FIP-500 measurements.

New feature

Support for the PXM/LXM - MPO optical loss test set (OLTS)

Support for PXM:

  • Review results and generate reports based on PXM measurements.
  • Perform bidir analysis as well as create 24-fiber measurements by merging 2x, 1x12 fiber measurements together.

New feature

Quick change of event-type at the click of a mouse

Edit OTDR event types in one mouse click:

  • Simply hover the mouse over the event type in the event table and select the new type of event.

New feature

Application configuration improvement

Remember column width and position after closing the program, and/or after modify/repair/installation of latest version.

New feature

Undo/redo operation related to test documentation

With the undo/redo button, users can go back to original content in case of error when editing/reviewing test-results documentation.

New feature

New table of contents with hyperlinks (available for some report templates)

Simply click on the hyperlink in the table of contents of the report to navigate to the section with detailed information about the desired results. (Available for FIP-500 and PXM result reports.)

Product improvement

Enhanced report generation and report template imports

Improvement in user experience for better and easier report generation.

Bug fix

Bug fixes and minor improvements

Please contact support for more details.

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