Improve processes to resolve passive intermodulation (PIM) and RF interference in wireless networks


Interference can impact 4G and 5G performance

PIM and RF interference pose significant challenges within wireless networks, jeopardizing signal quality, network capacity and ultimately subscriber quality of experience. To avoid negative impacts on network performance, interference issues must be solved quickly. However, identifying the root cause of these issues, then mitigating them, can be a very costly, manual and time-consuming process-and at odds with the pressure to troubleshoot cell sites on time and on budget.

What to consider when diagnosing RF interference and PIM

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Hard to identify whether PIM is internal or external to antenna systems

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Technicians have a short window to troubleshoot and solve issues

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Costly tower climbs don't guarantee issue resolution

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Difficult and unsafe to carry a bulky, heavy PIM analyzer up the tower

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Using various complex test tools with different interfaces requires extensive training

How-to videos and webinar

Identifying PIM in the field

Ride along with a field technician to see how he uses a best-practice methodology to investigate the performance degradation of a cell site.

Locating and mitigating PIM

Learn how to quickly locate a PIM source and launch a mitigation strategy to address PIM across a cell site.

Detecting and mitigating PIM

We joined forces with ConcealFab, Inc. and Kaelus for a webinar about efficient strategies to identify and mitigate PIM for improved cell-site performance.

Got PIM issues? Fix them before they impact network performance.

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EXFO's PIM and RF interference-hunting solution

Intelligent optical RF spectrum analysis over CPRI (iORF)

10x faster than any other RF-over-CPRI solution in the industry

  • Resolve PIM in 6 steps, versus 10+ steps with traditional method
  • Determine whether there's internal or external interference in less than 5 minutes
  • Fully automated, complete analysis of the RF spectrum with a pass/fail verdict
  • Easy one-button report generation
  • No learning curve: easy set-up without the need for RF expertise
  • Avoid repeat truck rolls: solve the problem right the first time

5GPro Spectrum Analyzer

Accelerate time to resolving PIM and RF Interference issues

  • Combined with iORF on the same FTB 5GPro test kit to validate 4G/LTE and 5G networks
  • The only field-upgradeable, flexible RF over-the-air spectrum analyzer
  • Quickly and easily pinpoint and eliminate the source of PIM and RF interference
  • Modular: sub-6GHz (FR1) and mmWave up to 40GHz (FR2) support
  • Audible tone for safe and effective PIM and interference detection
  • Optimal user experience: easy-to-use and easy-to-interpret user interface
  • Precisely locate external PIM sources without using a PIM analyzer