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Careers at EXFO


Security Advisor

France, Canada

Quebec City, Montreal

Reporting to the Director of Information Security, you will contribute to ensuring the compliance of our activities and solutions, particularly with respect to the protection of personal information. Depending on the needs, expertise and interest, the Information Security Advisor will be called upon to intervene in several aspects of the information security and privacy program, from the definition of standards and policies to the development of processes, including the choice of measures to be implemented, their deployment and the measurement of their effectiveness. The incumbent will also be responsible for coordinating all privacy-related activities within the Data Protection Committee. He will work closely with the various departments involved. Finally, he/she will work closely with the contract management, security and legal teams in order to meet customer requirements in terms of compliance of products, solutions, but also information security program in accordance with requirements, regulations, standards, laws....


Your role: 

We are looking for multi-skilled individuals with strong abilities in some or all of the following activities:

  • Maintain and evolve a data protection framework, including personal information, including underlying security policies, procedures, standards and guidance.
  • Advise and support the Security Director in the implementation of the privacy program
  • Accompany an organization in the implementation of compliance with various normative and regulatory frameworks specific to the field of personal information protection but also to our clients' requirements, regulations, policies and laws applicable to our clients' environments.
  • Act as a data protection security advisor for projects and draft the relevant documentation.
  • Participate in data governance and recommend appropriate safeguards.
  • Measure the effectiveness of controls in an objective and meaningful manner.
  • Perform administrative and technical audits

What we are looking for  
Technical skills:

  • Good knowledge of trends and developments in the security field.
  • Knowledge of the various applicable normative and regulatory frameworks (RGPD, privacy law...).
  • Excellent knowledge of the ISO 27000 family of standards, NIST, DFARS
  • Practical experience in implementing an information security program

Required Skills:

  • Demonstrate versatility to perform different activities at different levels (strategic and tactical).
  • Demonstrate autonomy in the conduct of projects.
  • Demonstrate resilience, adaptability and innovation.
  • Demonstrate clarity and conciseness in communicating through various channels.
  • Project, share short, medium and long term vision.
  • Willingly share knowledge and seek to acquire new knowledge.


  • Relevant experience: 5 to 8 years of experience in a role related to information security, including 2 years in data protection
  • Language Requirement: Bilingual (French and English);
  • Education: Bachelor's degree in computer science or related discipline         

Any combination of relevant education/experience will be considered.

Security Advisor Quebec City, Montreal, France, Canada | Posted August 8, 2022

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