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Careers at EXFO


Associate Architect



Job summary


We are looking for strong, talented, self-motivated technical expert with experience in highly available, scalable, enterprise-grade Cloud Native applications, frameworks and microservices.


What you’ll do

  • Work with multiple Product Owners, Tech Leads, Architects to develop the product architecture and integration flows between EXFO’s various products, cloud applications and services.
  • Work with architects and participate in design discussions for any complex product integration and/or identifying fixes for technical issues faced by different products within the group.
  • Will work with diverse set of technologies. Must be an enthusiast who enjoys self-learning any new technology in reasonable time.
  • Will act as a guide for other team members on using the latest technological trends and offerings in AWS, DevOps, Monitoring, AppSec, Cloud Native and Open-Source application development.
  • Will work with different teams to identify and troubleshoot any issues related to scalability, reliability, quality, availability, security, performance and provide suggestions to fix the same.
  • Will perform the troubleshooting and find the root cause of any issue.
  • Will carry out the proof of concept for any new product/feature as required by marketing teams.



What we’re looking for



  • Excellent knowledge with object-oriented design & coding standards and methodologies in NodeJs, Typescript, Java using Sprint Boot.
  • In-depth expertise and advanced knowledge of AWS Services (AWS Lambda, EC2, ECS, Route53, VPC, etc.)
  • Expertise and advanced knowledge of Docker, Kubernetes, Database (MongoDB / Oracle / MySQL)
  • Advanced knowledge of monitoring/alerting (Prometheus), visualization/dashboards (Grafana), monitoring/logging open-source solutions.
  • Experience of designing and working in a Client-Server Architecture, Microservices, Serverless, and Containerized Architecture.
  • Experience in GitLab to design & contribute CI/CD/DevSecOps pipelines.
  • Experience with Agile and can contribute to all phases of the DevOps lifecycle.


Required aptitudes

  • Work collaboratively with Product owner, Architects, design, testing and other teams.
  • Self-confident that you can study and resolve most of the complex technical items and provide new ideas for the solution to relevant team.
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and tools
  • Excellent communication skills with excellent verbal and written English.




Must have

Pertinent experience: Minimum 12+ years of overall experience. Must have 5+ years of experience of Developing, designing and working in cloud applications, Microservices, Serverless, and Containerized Architecture.


Language requirements: NodeJs, Typescript, Java using Sprint Boot



BE/B Tech degree in Computer Engineering or equivalent. 

Associate Architect Pune, India | Posted May 4, 2022

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