Testing the optical characteristics of photonic integrated circuits

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Silicon photonics and photonic integrated circuits (PIC) are key enabling technologies where optical testing plays a critical role at every step of the manufacturing process. 

This white paper reviews different measurement methods and focuses on the swept wavelength method for wafer-level testing of passive optical components such as waveguide, ring resonator, AWG or MZ interferometer.

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About the author

  • François Couny

    Product Line Manager

    François Couny is Product Line Manager for EXFO Optics. He started his career in 2001 as a Test & Measurement engineer at Blaze Photonics, a start-up company specialized in Photonic Crystal Fibre and completed his Ph.D. in Photonics in 2008 at the Centre for Photonics and Photonic Material at the University of Bath (UK). He went on to join Yenista Optics in 2010 with a focus on developing tuneable laser sources and spectral solutions, including an Optical Spectrum Analyzer and also an optical component tester adapted to photonic integrated circuits characterization. Since 2015, François has been PLM for Yenista Optics, now part of EXFO as EXFO Optics.

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