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TestFlow – free-trial registration

Register today for your 90-day free trial of TestFlow and immediately simplify your day-to-day testing and reporting tasks!

TestFlow – free-trial registration
TestFlow – free-trial registration

TestFlow lets you securely manage licenses, oversee technicians, control job assignments, review results and collaborate with team members across your entire organization.

Signing up for a trial is simple, and only one account is required for everyone in your company. Before you begin, ask your manager if your company already has a TestFlow account. If it does, simply ask for an invitation and sign up to your company’s account. If your organization does not have an account, follow the instructions below to create one.

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Fill out the account creation form.
  2. Look out for your activation email.
  3. Enable your account by clicking on the activation link.
  4. Enjoy your 90-day trial!

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