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Stay in control of your fiber optic network's availability and quality. Always.

所有解决方案 集中型光纤测试和监测解决方案
所有解决方案 集中型光纤测试和监测解决方案


  • Lack of simple way to integrate OTDR monitoring function into a software defined network (SDN) open architecture
  • Physical network inventory not up-to-date resulting in inaccurate fault localization
  • No real-time knowledge or holistic view of current network condition and trends
  • Visibility required from central to key delivery points to better plan for natural disasters
  • Cannot pinpoint faults accurately or fast enough
  • Fully secured monitoring solutions needed to address IT security concerns


Reduce time-to-understanding from hours to minutes

See condition of fiber remotely and from anywhere

Automate creation of work orders and get fault details and locations pinpointed on a map

Eliminate unnecessary truck rolls for non-fiber-related issues

View current OTDR traces against a baseline along with related inventory

Be aware of degradations before they impact critical customers


  • Dark fiber and wholesale providers
  • Fiber optic cable monitoring in backhaul, submarine, etc.
  • FTTx for business services and mobile networks
  • Cloud services and enterprise networks
  • In-service 100G+ ROADM core
  • Adding fiber monitoring capabilities to an SDN