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Introduction to WDM Systems, Optical Spectrum Analyzers (OSA) and In-Band Testing

An overview of WDM systems and how to test them using an optical spectrum analyzer. It covers appropriate OSA configurations, critical test parameters and requirements, as well as actual test procedures.

1 day
Live online


This course covers
  • WDM systems
  • OSA test software: configuration and use
  • Automated test procedures
  • Examples of common OSA test procedures
  • Critical parameters:
    • Peak power
    • Central wavelength
    • Channel spacing
    • Optical signal-to-noise ratio (OSNR)
  • OSA configuration for system qualification
  • Test configuration for WDM component testing
  • EDFA testing
  • In-band testing and true OSNR


Basic comprehension of math and physics
Basic fiber optics and loss testing (IL and ORL)


The first part of this course consists of lectures using PowerPoint presentations and demonstrations, while the second part consists of specific hands-on OSA testing exercises and experiments on critical parameters measurements for WDM systems.


Attendees will receive a binder containing copies of presentations and other handouts.