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IP Video Monitoring: Getting Everything to Everyone

  • 2011年11月25日

To ensure a high quality of experience (QoE) and reduce subscriber churn, it is essential to monitor your IP video network. But how you monitor is as important as what you monitor, as a truly effective solution needs to monitor traffic in great detail at every point in the network from end-to-end. Even more important is ensuring that the results of that monitoring get to the people in your organization that need it—and in a form they can understand and use.

This webinar explores how you can monitor everything and feed that information to everyone.

You will learn:

  • Why you need to monitor from the satellite headend to the set-top box
  • What traffic features you need to monitor and why
  • How to view your entire network’s health at a glance in real time
  • How to automatically communicate network status data (health, outages, traffic volumes, etc.) to the right individuals in a simple format that contains all the details they need, and none of the details they don’t




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