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FTTH Network Monitoring and Innovative Certification Method from CO - Hosted by FTTH Council Americas

  • 2014年4月9日

Olivier Plomteux

Product Line Manager

Since joining EXFO in 2006, Olivier has been responsible for a wide range of test and measurement products, specifically optical time-domain reflectometers (OTDRs), and how they can be leveraged in test systems and fiber management solutions. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in physical engineering from the École Polytechnique, in Montreal, and a Master’s in laser technologies from the Université Laval (COPL), in Quebec City.

Controlling expenses related to operation, support and maintenance of FTTH networks is key for operators to ensure a fast return on their capital investments. Nowadays, for FTTH deployments, vendors offer platform-agnostic (equipment-vendor independent) in-service OTDR testing and monitoring from the central office. To capture, locate and report fiber impairments from the central office, three solutions are available on the market. 

  • Out-of-band OTDR without any end-of-line reflective termination
  • Out-of-band OTDR with large-band reflectors (i.e., reflecting strongly at 1600 nm and above)
  • Out-of-band OTDR with narrow-band reflectors (i.e., reflecting strongly only at specific wavelengths [e.g., 1650 nm]) 

This presentation will show and discuss the various available solutions and their respective pros and cons. Finally, a new methodology will be presented to certify new PON installations from the central office using a 1310 nm OTDR, a 1490 nm OTDR and a broadband reflector.




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