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Done in 15 Minutes – Fiber Cleaning and Inspection

  • 2015年6月3日

Kevin Peres

Applications Engineer, Advanced Technologies and Solutions

Kevin Peres has over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. He started working for EXFO nine years ago as an Applications Engineer and information expert on the following subjects: fiber optics, Ethernet and SONET testing. Kevin spent several years perfecting his business and marketing skills in Territory Sales at EXFO, before returning to his technical position as Senior Applications Engineer. 

In this hands-on demo, Kevin Peres walks you through the entire fiber inspection and cleaning process.
He will show you how to clean connectors and bulkheads using the dry, wet and hybrid methods and cleaning sticks while explaining the pros and cons of every method and tool. 

See how to perform the entire fiber inspection as per industry best practices. This video is very useful to train new technicians and serves as a practical refresh for the more experienced ones.

Kevin is a Senior Applications Engineer at EXFO, the leading telecom solutions provider for fiber optics test equipment.



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