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According to a 2014 Infonetics survey, 45% of mobile operators plan to deploy remote radio heads (RRHs) as an alternative or complement to small cells, to create denser coverage and capacity on their networks. But connecting  a group of RRHs to a stack of baseband units, usually deployed in a CO, has specific challenges. This webinar examines the requirements for RRH and for extending it to full Cloud-RAN (or C-RAN) topologies, and also discusses considerations for integrating fronthaul connectivity into the backhaul network.

Key Topics for Discussion

  • C-RAN: Definitions and drivers
  • The challenges of Common Public Radio Interface (CPRI) transport: Network planning and performance criteria
  • Fronthaul: Architectures, testing connectivity, and integrating into the transport network
  • Answers to audience questions during live Q&A


  • Richard Webb, Directing Analyst, Microwave and Carrier WiFi, Infonetics Research
  • Vikas Arora, Chief Technology Officer, EXFO
  • Jon Baldry, Technical Marketing Director, Transmode
  • JoAnne Emery, Event Director, Infonetics Research (Moderator)

Who Should Attend

Mobile operators forming a C-RAN/fronthaul strategy, financial analysts, and the media.




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