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Developing 5G: Rough waters ahead!


Uday Parida

Product Manager, Wireless Division

Uday Parida is responsible for EXFO's QA-800 solutions which are designed to validate small cells, including Home eNodeBs (HeNB) and HeNB-Gateways (HeNB-GW). He brings to EXFO more than six years of experience in product management, during which time he was responsible for simulators that test different entities in the 3G and LTE network. Prior to this, he developed Linux Kernel modules and network-processor-based solutions as a software engineer for NetHawk Oyj. His professional experience has helped him develop a strong understanding of the challenges facing the development of high-performance solutions. Uday obtained a Master's Degree in Computer Applications from Utkal University, India.

5G continues to generate buzz and grab the attention of many. It will be the platform enabling growth in many industries, ranging from the IT sector to the automotive, entertainment, agriculture and manufacturing industries. Different sectors have different use cases and network requirements. Some require superfast downloads while others require ultra-reliable communication. 5G networks will have to cater to an extremely wide variation in requirements. 

While the official 5G specifications are set to be published in mid-2018, there are already announcements by major network operators about its launch starting as early as next year. The anxiety around 5G, the race to be the first, and the unavailability of global standards could bring about a few challenges at the beginning.  

Join our webinar to learn more about:

  • Various use cases of 5G and their diverse requirements
  • Virtualization as the key enabler in delivering differentiated services
  • The 5G New Radio and the many connectivity options to the core network
  • The new testing challenges associated with the above changes, and how to best address them






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