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  • 2014年5月27日

Bruno Giguère

Senior Product Line Manager

Bruno Giguère was nominated to EXFO’s CTO Office in 2006. As Sr. Advisor, he is instrumental in analyzing market dynamics and implementing corresponding technical strategies for the Transport and Service Assurance Division. He is EXFO’s representative to many standard organizations including the Metro Ethernet Forum, the International Telecommunication Union and the Broadband Forum. Mr. Giguère is also the Canadian National Study Group Chairman for ITU-T Study Group 12 and the current Editor of ITU-T  Y.1564 and MEF 48. Mr. Giguère holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from the École de technologie supérieure in Montréal, Canada.


在此次研讨会上,EXFO公司的孙学瑞先生将与您探 :

  • 有可能实现400G传输的方法和调制方案
  • Flexgrid和超级通道
  • 尼奎斯特过滤
  • 光谱测试和通道定义

Join Simon Poole, Director, New Business Ventures at Finisar, and François Robitaille, Group Manager at EXFO, for this webinar to learn about:

  • Potential approaches and modulation schemes allowing 400G transmission
  • Flexgrid and superchannels
  • Nyquist filtering
  • Spectral testing and channel definition.
  • A brief review of the status and progress in the various Standards group