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Mai Abou-Shaban

40G/100G Product Line Manager, Transport and Datacom Business Unit

Mai Abou-Shaban brings to EXFO her extensive experience in optical transport networks in addition to working with major telecom accounts in Americas, EMEA and Asia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from Concordia University, Montreal, QC. Mai has 13 years of experience working for public and privately held companies in the areas of systems engineering and product management.

40G/100Gbps系统在用户侧最需要关注的测试内容 如何评价40G/100Gbps线路侧相干信号的质量 40G/100G DWDM系统测试和维护的方法,内容将会涉及带内光谱测试和其它相关光层测试技术。