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Tommi Tallgren

Senior Product Line Manager

Mr. Tallgren joined EXFO in 2001. He has more than 10 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, with expertise ranging from support engineering to technical sales, to product management for the EXFO Analyzer product line, including product roadmaps, marketing and sales support. Last year, his focus shifted to live LTE network analysis and troubleshooting, working closely with leading LTE MNOs around the world.  

Mr. Tallgren obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecom Technologies as well as a Master’s of Technology from the University of Oulu. He also completed his military service in the Finnish Air Force Telecommunications Group.



  1. VoLTE服务验证和故障排除实例;
  2. 端到端VoLTE会话检测、问题识别和根源分析;      
  3. 如何使用被动分析仪在实时网络中分析VoLTE问题。




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