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How is the industry’s most accurate fiber characterization achieved?

Meet the 5GPro Spectrum Analyzer!

iOLM from EXFO: more than ten years of leadership in OTDR testing

Nova SensAI : automatically detect and predict outages and performance impairments

与 EXFO携手,克服端到端的收发器测试挑战

Meet the FIP-500

The new FIP-500 inspection scope: see it in action!

Product reveal - Meet the new FIP-500, fiber inspection scope

Automated wafer-level testing of photonic integrated circuits

How to streamline 5G network deployments

How do we turn network tech into enterprise services?

Reveal the invisible: automate operations with Nova adaptive service assurance

Optical Explorer: tried and tested

Optical Explorer: fiber optic tester enabling frontline techs to do more

Discover a new way to test MPO links

Meet TestFlow, EXFO’s cloud-based field test management solution

Three UK teams up with EXFO to become the 1st mobile operator to run a full NFV network in Europe

Deploying fiber-to-the antenna: Being on the top of the World

Deploying fiber-to-the antenna: Tips from the top