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Real-time impact assessment of network and service dynamics

How do you avoid the unintended consequences of change in a complex network?

Virtual networks are designed to be highly elastic with regards to scaling up and down to address changes in demand. They are built to support agile service development and rapid deployment. And, they’re intended to support zero-touch operations and customer-managed self-service portals.

With all this potential for rapid change, how do you make sure the network can provide adequate support without negatively impacting customer QoE? How do know there’s capacity for a new service offering? How can you be sure that a new virtual router can be spun up to offload traffic without impacting customer performance?

In a zero-touch, highly dynamic virtual network, you need tools and data to predict exactly how the network and its services will be impacted by these changes.

Unintended consequences of change can do more damage to existing services – and your reputation – than the issues you were trying to address.


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