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First things first

Sorting out the most important things

Anyone who works in a network or service operations center can tell you there’s no such thing as an issue-free network. In fact, some days it can feel like the network is a ‘sea of red’. On those days, when the pressure is on to get the most important services back up and running, sometimes the biggest problem is knowing where to start. Which customers are the most critical? Is there a common root cause? Can services be routed without causing even more problems? Which faults are ‘must fix’ versus ‘nice to fix’? And as networks become virtualized, it becomes harder for humans to visualize the service and network topology making it more difficult to know where to start. 

Data-driven operations can eliminate this all together. By applying big-data analytics, driven by consistent policy enforcement across all network and service KPIs, a plan of attack can quickly be developed that takes into account everything from getting critical customers and services back up, to total time of outage, to impact to revenue and cost—without any guesswork or emotional bias.


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