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发布日期: 2014年9月26日

Wi-Fi: Leveraging Unlicensed Spectrum to Offload Cellular Networks

Webinar of the Week Blog Series

Ever since the FCC opened up wireless spectrum bands in 1985, Wi-Fi has kept evolving. The availability of low cost unlicensed Carrier-grade spectrum and its widespread use make Wi-Fi the technology of choice for offloading cellular networks at the dawn of “The Internet of Things”. The fact that Wi-Fi is a well-known mature technology, that it is easy to deploy and does not interfere with cellular networks further secure its lead.

Deploying and integrating Wi-Fi does come with its set of challenges though. What are the best deployment options? What are the key aspects when setting up a Wi-Fi infrastructure?

The webinar explores these questions. It also delves into lab testing requirements to validate Wi-Fi integration and to verify end-to-end quality of service.

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