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发布日期: 2014年5月1日

What You Need to Know About OTDR Trace Analysis and Interpretation

Webinar of the Week Blog Series

Testing optical networks is complex because their architecture is complex (WDM couplers, PON splitters, etc.). In order to diagnose network problems, technicians need OTDRs to help them map the links. Unfortunately, OTDR traces are not always easy to analyze and interpret.

OTDRs are at the core of EXFO’s optical expertise. With over 20 years of designing and manufacturing experience, our line of modular and handheld OTDRs is the fruit of highly precise optical engineering. This is why we prepared a webinar that covers everything related to OTDR testing.

Join our resident expert as he explores the basics of optics, connectors, testing parameters as well as a groundbreaking OTDR testing solution called the Intelligent Optical Link Mapper or iOLM.

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