Programming the CTP10 component test platform

Application note

The CTP10 is a versatile optical component test platform that can be automated via Ethernet, USB or GPIB (optional). This application note covers the following:

  • guidelines and best practices to automate the CTP10
  • most common remote commands and programming flowcharts
  • how to implement robust error-handling

This CTP10 programming guide is the right tool to get started with automation on the CTP10.  

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About the author

  • Mathieu Bergont

    Product Specialist

    Mathieu Bergont is a product specialist at EXFO, with a focus on solutions for testing passive optical components in lab and manufacturing environments. Mathieu has over eight years of experience in the field of fiber optic testing and holds a Master of Engineering in Material Science, Semiconductors and Micro-Nanotechnologies from INSA Lyon in France.

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