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Service impact analysis

Rank repairs according to business priorities, improve customer satisfaction and reduce SLA costs.

所有产品 Service impact analysis
所有产品 Service impact analysis

Alarm automation across complex multidomain networks

Automatically determines the customer-facing effects of network faults to enable the effective prioritization of repair activity according to business priorities. EXFO Ontology’s SIA automates the analysis required to understand the impacts of faults in the network and underlying infrastructure on customers and services.

Key features

  • Creates real-time unified model of network services and customers with cross-domain, fast-paced SIA reasoning
  • Produces interactive and scheduled web reports
  • Correlates faults to lost customer revenue enabling cost-based analysis
  • Supports and tracks the migration of legacy products
  • Generates data-quality reports
  • Integrates with fault managers to keep the network running at an optimum level and minimize downtime

Service impact analysis


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